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Smoke Damage Restorations To Remove Odors And Restore Finishes After A Fire

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When your home or business has a fire, the damage can be far beyond where the flames were. Sometimes, the issues that need to be repaired after a fire have to do with the smoke, lingering smells, and stains to interior finishes. The following smoke damage restoration information will help you deal with these problems to restore your property after a fire:

Removing Soot Buildup

One of the major issues after a fire is the soot buildup that smoke causes. This is a buildup of ash and residues that are caused by smoke during a fire. The soot can be found anywhere that was in contact with the smoke. A professional restoration service will remove all the soot buildup that is embedded in finishes and materials like window treatments and furniture. This is just the first step in the restoration process, as removing soot alone does not resolve the issue of odors.

Neutralizing Smoke Odors

The odors from smoke are often embedded in the finishes of walls, furniture, and flooring. Even though these materials might seem to be clean, the odors can still be overwhelming. During complete smoke damage restorations, these odors will be neutralized using special treatments.

Cleaning Furniture

Furniture and other materials like window treatments can be the most challenging tasks to complete during smoke damage restorations. There are a lot of areas where soot and smoke can get into furnishings, and it can be difficult to clean these materials. Therefore, you want to remove these materials from the building and do a complete restoration that includes cleaning, neutralizing odors, and replacing parts.

Stripping Paint and Repainting

The paint and other finishes are also difficult to clean, which is why most professional restoration services repaint. Before the painting can be done, the existing coats need to be stripped to remove residues and odors that are embedded in the walls. They might also repair some of the drywall where residues are embedded beneath the paint. After the paint has been stripped, treatment can be applied to further neutralize the odors, and then a new coat of paint can be applied. A similar process can be used for hardwood flooring if your property has wood floors. Usually, the carpet will need to be completely replaced.

Fires can cause more smoke damage than actual flames, which is why smoke damage restorations are needed. If you need help getting rid of the odors and stains after a fire, contact a smoke damage restoration service for help with these repairs.