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4 Signs Your Undercarriage Is Damaged And Needs Urgent Repair And Restoration Services

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Most car owners are familiar with caring for specific areas in their vehicles, especially the engine and interior components. However, what many often overlook at their peril is the undercarriage. Your car's undercarriage is vital because it contains essential parts like links, pins, sprockets, frames, shoes, rollers, recoil springs, and bushings. All these combine to provide your automobile with a functional, safe, and supportive framework. Since they play a significant role and take different degrees of battering from potholes, rocks, and other objects, damage is imminent. This article shows you how to spot undercarriage damage and what to do about it.

Common Signs of Undercarriage Damage

Several signs tell you your car's undercarriage is in dire condition. They include:

1. Excessive vibrating and shaking

You can only isolate this problem in your vehicle when you are driving it. If your car starts vibrating and shaking more than usual during a drive, take it to a mechanic for inspection. A professional will check it for issues like loosened underbody covers or damaged suspensions. Moreover, your wheels and tires may be unbalanced if your steering wheel vibrates and shakes progressively with increasing speed.  

2. Leaking fluids

Your car is likely to start leaking at some point. The leaking fluid can be water, automatic transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, brake fluid, or oil. All these should be contained in specific containers because your car needs them to run efficiently. But, in some cases, flying rocks puncture fluid containers and oil pans, leading to leaks. It's easy to identify issues like a punctured oil pan from the smell the fluid emits and puddles on the ground.

3. Misaligned suspension system

A damaged suspension system is easier to identify through a visual inspection. One of the prominent signs of this problem is tires set at wrong angles. A suspension system in good condition means tires follow a similar curve when you turn the wheel. But if they are out of sync, you have an undercarriage problem. Another indicator of suspension issues is a car that leans to one side and bounces violently during a drive.

4. Strange noises coming from the exhaust pipe

Sometimes, when a car hits a bump, curb, or pothole unexpectedly, the exhaust pipe starts misbehaving. If it cracks in the process, it will produce hissing noises. If the impact leads to a blockage, listen out for chugging noises. Finally, a misaligned exhaust pipe makes discernible rattling noises. Don't ignore these signs because a faulty exhaust system can compromise the entire car.

Get Professional Repair and Restoration Services

Other than the undercarriage parts mentioned here, there are many parts underneath your car, including the battery, transmission, shock absorbers, and axles. Therefore it's essential to protect the undercarriage and lower components from destructive impacts. And, if you suspect some undercarriage parts are damaged, find mechanics who offer undercarriage repair and restoration services immediately.