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Piano Restoration: Do You Need It?

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Piano restoration is the fine process of putting a piano back to its original condition, or as close to its original condition as possible. This restoration process can be done for a variety of reasons, but the goal is to make the instrument look and sound as beautiful as can be done.

To restore a piano, you first need to understand if the process is necessary. Sometimes, all an older piano needs is to be tuned and finished and it's good as new. Piano restoration services can give you the final opinion on whether piano restoration is necessary, and you can use this guide to help you find out for yourself if it's time to consider restoring your instrument.

Your piano is vintage or antique

Is your piano a vintage or antique instrument? Has it not been played in some time, or if it is played, has it been many years since the instrument has been given a new coat of paint or had the keys attended to?

Full piano restoration may be needed if the keys are dry and cracking, the paint or finish on the piano is peeling or worn, the ornate inscriptions on the piano are worn or barely recognizable, or if the piano is a collector's piece that is no longer being made. If you go to a piano restoration services company, you can get the work done on your piano that will work best for the instrument without harming it in any way.

You want to sell your piano

Unless you want to simply sell the instrument in as-is condition and take the loss on what it might be worth, if you have a piano that would otherwise be worth a lot of money, it's worth it to get piano restoration done. Keep in mind that piano restoration can be expensive to complete but can be very worth it if the instrument is rare or a collector's piece that would otherwise sell for much less.

You have sentimental reasons to restore

Sometimes piano restoration is all about making the instrument new again because the person who owns it loves their instrument dearly. If you have inherited a piano or you have played the same piano for years and want it to shine in its own right, then restoring the piano to like-new condition is a worthy investment. Get a quote for piano restoration from your piano restoration specialist to see what your costs will be to get your piano working as it should again.

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