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How A Water Damage Restoration Contractor Can Restore Your Laundry Room After Your Washer Floods

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If your washer overflows, you could be looking at significant water damage in your laundry room if there's a lot of water and you don't catch the flood right away. The water may even flow to other rooms of the house and soak into the carpet or wood flooring.

You need to dry your house out right away when something like this happens so you reduce the amount of damage you have to repair. For instance, you may have to pay for mold removal if your laundry room stays moist or soaked for too long. A water damage restoration company can get your laundry room dried out fast and restore it to its original condition. Here are the steps they take.

Assess Damage And Get Rid Of Visible Water

The first thing the restoration crew needs to know is where the water went and what rooms are affected. It's important to find all the water so mold and rot don't ruin a carpet or flooring in a nearby room. Once they assess the water damage, they'll remove all visible water with a wet vac or other means.

Dry Out Hidden Water

Depending on the type of flooring you have in your laundry room, water might be underneath it. If so, the restoration crew may need to tear up the flooring to dry out the subfloor. They may need to do that by setting up dryers that blow on the floor and using a dehumidifier in the room.

They may also need to take out drywall that got wet. This could involve just cutting out the lower portion of the drywall so new drywall can be patched in later. The crew may need to move your laundry machines to a dry space and dry the machines so they don't get water damage or start to rust. Once everything is out of the room, the water damage restoration professional may leave fans and dryers running for several hours.

Install New Flooring And Drywall

When the contractor determines the wood and subfloor in the laundry room are completely dry, they may install new flooring and patch in new drywall. You'll also need the walls of the room painted to cover the new drywall. When those restorations are complete, the crew moves your washer and dryer back to their original locations so your laundry room is back to normal.

If water leaked out to another room that has carpet or hardwood floors, the water damage restoration process will be more difficult as the carpet or wood planks may need to be replaced. It doesn't matter what type of water damage your home has, even mold damage caused by the flood, a water damage restoration company—such as ServiceMaster Restore—can return your home to normal.