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3 Types Of Dents On Your Car That Need Repairs

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A dent on your car indicates that your vehicle suffered an incident with or without your knowledge. It is advisable to be careful when driving to avoid damage to the body. However, some incidents cannot be avoided, like when someone else rams into you or rear-ends your car. Auto body damage could also result from a child aiming their football poorly. All of this damage needs immediate attention because most of it is correctable. You can only correct an indentation when you understand it well. Here are the most common types and their remedies.

Small Dings

Most people confuse dings with other forms of car damage. However, there are differences between them depending on how big the depression is and what caused it. Your vehicle gets dinged when a small hard object hits the surface, creating minor damage. The auto body repair experts consider it a ding when the diameter of the depression is below half of an inch. Your vehicle will typically get a ding when someone hits it with a rock, a trolley rams into it, or when someone recklessly rams their door into your car's side.

Dents With Sharp Edges

Vehicles get sharp-edged dents when something metallic is hurled fast against the body of the car. Most people overlook the damage because it seems minor at first. However, when assessed closely, the damage is usually bigger below the car's panels. Sometimes, the sharp damage by metallic objects warps the metallic body and changes its orientation. The damage might be challenging to fix, but a professional will handle it. If you suspect your car has suffered such damage, take it to a trusted auto body shop for the best repairs. 

Dents With Creases

Auto creases are common when your car body gets dragged along another hard and sharp object or surface. First, a heavy object hits the side panel of your car, and then someone drags it along, creating a jagged series of dents. The resulting cavities on the body can make weak points where your vehicle will form others in the future. Common causes include bicycle handles, trailers, and tree branches. Creased dents also damage your car's original paintwork by scraping it off. In most cases, the auto body shop will have to spray-paint your vehicle after fixing the damage.

It is advisable to seek professional repair services immediately you notice the weakness in your car. Competent auto body experts will assess the damage to your vehicle and recommend the ideal repairs. Their methods restore the car to its original state.

Call a dent repair professional to learn more.