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Restoring Your Commercial Building Following Extensive Water Damage

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Water damage to any building can be an expensive problem to encounter. However, this can be especially true for commercial buildings due to the costs associated with the downtime needed for water damage restoration work to be completed. Unfortunately, there are a few sources of water damage that are particularly common.

Roof Leaks

A leak in the roof of your commercial building can allow substantial amounts of water to leak into the structure. Not surprisingly, this can lead to extensive water damage, but it will often be limited to the areas directly in the vicinity of the leak. This can help to minimize the costs of repairing and restoring this damage. While you should dry as much of the water as possible, it is still important to contact a water damage restoration service as they have equipment that can help to extract moisture from the drywall, carpeting, and wood flooring before it is able to cause rot or mold to develop.

Pipe Ruptures

A ruptured plumbing pipe can rapidly cause extensive interior flooding. This is especially true when the rupture occurs when the building is unoccupied, which could allow the leak to spew water into the building for hours before it is discovered. If this damage is occurring in your building, you should turn off the water supply to the building until a plumber can arrive to repair the damage. However, you will want to contact a water damage restoration provider at the same time. As long as the water supply is turned off, they will be able to effectively complete the restoration so that the secondary damages from the water are reduced and your business can reopen more quickly.

Flash Flooding

Flash floods are a threat that can occur almost anywhere. During periods of heavy rain, it can be possible for the water level to rise high enough to enter your building's doors and even windows. This is among the most serious types of water damage that a building can experience as the entire ground-level portion of the structure can experience major flooding.

Additionally, this flooding may persist for several days before the water recedes enough for repairs to be started. If your building has been unfortunate enough to suffer this type of damage, it will likely need a structural integrity assessment in addition to water damage restoration services. While a water damage cleanup provider can effectively restore the interior of the building, they will not be equipped to repair major structural or foundation problems that the flooding may have caused. To learn more, contact a company like Disinfect-It.