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5 Things That Make RV Repairs On The Road Easier

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RV breakdowns don't typically happen in your hometown. Instead, problems tend to arise when you are on the road, which means you may need to schedule a repair in an unfamiliar area.

1. Contact the Park Host

If something goes wrong, begin by contacting the host for the campground you are currently at. First, make sure that onsite emergency repairs are allowed; otherwise, your only option may be towing the RV in to a shop. Second, ask for referrals to a repair service, mobile or otherwise. The hosts will likely know who to recommend locally. It's also important to inform the hosts in case you need to extend your park stay during repairs.

2. Check for Coverage

You may already have access to a network of mobile repair mechanics through an RV club membership or your RV insurance. Some roadside services may also provide access to certified mechanics across the country. Sometimes these memberships even provide a discount for using one of their recommended mechanics, which can help save you some cash when you need a repair while you are on vacation.

3. Have a Plan B

Ideally a mobile mechanic can come out and fix your RV while you are still staying in it. If it must go to a shop, then you need a plan B, such as renting a hotel room for a few nights. Even with mobile repair, you may need to make some alternative plans. For example, a slide out may be off limits while your mechanic waits for a part delivery, which means less space or a lack of access to a necessary area like a bed. Someone may need to share a bed, sleep on the floor, or pitch a tent outside until the repair is completed, so plan ahead.

4. Stay Put

In most cases it is best to stay put until the repair is completed. Don't let one mechanic start the repair and then continue on your trip and let another mechanic down the road finish it. This can compromise repair quality and it may negate any warranties on the work. If the work will take several days due to a part being ordered, you need to stay local to the mobile mechanic until the part arrives. If you must change camping parks, then choose another one that is nearby.

5. Get It In Writing

One risk of getting work done on the road is if you have issues later it can be impossible to bring the RV back to the same mechanic. Many mobile mechanics provide work warranties that can be redeemed by filing a claim for reimbursement if you must take the RV to another mechanic due to issues. Get this warranty in writing, along with any warranties on replacement parts, if they are offered by your mechanic. 

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