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Reefer Truck Care Essentials

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Reefer trucks are essential transport vehicles for the grocery and pharmaceutical industries. A reefer truck is a semi-truck that has a refrigerated cargo trailer attached to it. If you have decided to seek a reefer truck owner or operator route, there may be instances in which you will need to repair your vehicle.

The Composition Of A Truck

All of the existing maintenance and repair strategies that a standard semi requires will also be necessary after purchasing a reefer truck. The semi itself will contain the engine and other mechanical parts that will need to be serviced occasionally. A reefer unit is insulated and contains a metal floor. A refrigeration unit will be secured within the reefer cargo area. The refrigeration unit will contain a condenser, a compressor, a motor, and various tubes and fittings.

A reefer unit relies upon the use of a thermostat. A seal is installed around the door to a reefer cargo area. All of the parts used to provide thermal protection and cooling capabilities are susceptible to damage. Maintaining a truck will ward off many issues, but there will likely be instances in which you or a truck mechanic will need to repair the reefer unit.

The Repairs

Some parts, including the refrigeration motor, condenser, and compressor may require technical skills when troubleshooting or repairing equipment. At the onset of purchasing a reefer truck, seek a truck service station that handles common repairs. A mechanic may need to break down equipment or use a diagnostic testing machine to remedy any problems. Hoses, fittings, and seals are some smaller items that you can repair yourself. It is vital that you inspect your reefer truck at the onset of each loading session.

Inspect the cargo area for leaks. In addition, check the thermostat within your truck. If you would like to compare the temperature that is displayed on the thermostat with another source, invest in a temperature gauge. Purchase the replacement accessories that your reefer unit may need. Hoses and fittings will require the use of tools, to remove damaged parts. Hoses can become dry-rotted, which could ultimately lead to fluid leaks.

If any moisture is found within the reefer truck, or if you discover a temperature discrepancy, it is vital that you hold off on loading the reefer cargo area. Replace any parts that are worn out. Look at the seal that runs along the door to the cargo area. If the seal is damaged, purchase a seal gasket kit and use it to replace the damaged seal.

For more information on reefer repair, contact a professional near you.