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How Professional Erosion Repair Can Save Your Coastal Property

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Erosion is a natural process that occurs when water, wind, or ice wear away at the earth's surface. While erosion can create beautiful landscapes, it can also be a major problem for coastal properties. As the shoreline erodes, it can threaten homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Fortunately, professional erosion repair can help to protect your coastal property from the damaging effects of erosion. It is important that you act fast, however, even if the erosion is still yards away from your home.  Erosion can have a domino effect and move very quickly when it starts, so here is a closer look into why you need to act fast.

Understanding Why Erosion Happens

Before erosion can be fixed, it is important to know why it happens so you can recognize the signs of it and take action. Coastal erosion is caused by a combination of factors, including wave action, wind, and storms. As waves crash against the shoreline, they can erode the beach and cliffs. Wind can also cause erosion by blowing sand and sediment away from the shore and, storms can cause severe erosion by generating large waves and strong winds. If, after a large storm or heavy winds, you have a hunch the shoreline has been affected, then do not sit on that idea; talk to a professional right away. 

The Importance Of Professional Help

While some property owners may try to address erosion issues on their own, it is important to remember that professional erosion repair is the most effective way to protect your coastal property. Professionals have the knowledge and experience to assess the specific erosion issues on your property and develop a plan to address them. They also have the equipment and resources necessary to implement the plan, ensuring that the job is done correctly and efficiently. It is also worth noting that erosion repair will require maintenance in the future to ensure that the techniques used are holding up and the erosion has been stopped.

Identifying The Proper Technique For Your Property

There are several different erosion repair techniques available, including beach nourishment, dune restoration, and seawall construction. Beach nourishment works by adding sand to the beach to increase its width and height, while dune restoration involves building dunes to protect the beach and property. Seawall construction involves building a wall to protect against wave action and erosion, but it can be hidden discretely below the surface in most cases. Without the proper diagnosis from a professional, you could start applying the wrong restoration technique and only make the issue worse. 

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